How Our Process Works

If you have further interest in hearing more about Blackthorn and its services this is the path that engaging Blackthorn would follow. The exact schedule of services will vary based on each client’s objectives and risk tolerance.


We review the client’s current financial situation and available investment capital.

Prepare the client’s lifetime investment capital projection, taking into account the client’s cash flow, education funding requirements, current investment capital, income taxes, inflation and projected investment capital returns to assist in preparing the Investment Policy Statement.

Prepare an Investment Policy Statement based on the client’s goals, objectives, risk tolerance and constraints.

Implement the client-approved investment strategy.


Develop financial planning recommendations in coordination with the client’s other advisors and assisit in its implementation

Manage the client’s investment capital in accordance with the client’s Investment Policy Statement.

Be available to answer the client’s questions about financial or investment matters.

Examine the client’s assets and liabilities, including nature and amounts, and advise the client on repositioning and/or liquidating assets and liabilities given the client’s objectives and risk tolerance.


Provide an investment capital report that summarizes the client’s marketable securities managed by Blackthorn Asset Management, and discloses how the client’s investment capital managed by Blackthorn has performed relative to appropriate market indices.

As Agreed Upon by Client and Blackthorn

Meet with the client to review the status of the client’s investment capital and discuss financial planning issues and action items.

Assist the client’s CPA with the information necessary to project the client’s personal income tax liabilities.

Recommend and implement financial and investment planning strategies to minimize the client’s income taxes in coordination with the client’s CPA and other advisors.

Update the client’s lifetime investment capital projection to gauge annual progress and potentially make changes to overall plan.

Review the client’s will(s) and summarize the client’s estate distribution plan; recommend appropriate changes to the client’s estate distribution plan in light of the client’s objectives and in coordination with the client’s attorney.

Review the client’s life, disability, property and casualty, and excess liability insurance programs and recommend appropriate changes in coordination with the client’s insurance advisor(s).

Project education costs and provide funding strategies to the client.

Advise the client on strategies related to the client’s philanthropic objectives.

Review the client’s debt structure and recommend potential changes.


The services listed above are not all-inclusive and would depend on the particular needs of each individual client. Blackthorn’s employees will exercise their judgment and rely on guidance from the client and the client’s other advisors as to which services are to be performed in any particular period.