Founding of Blackthorn

Terence Reilly is President and Founder of Blackthorn Asset Management LLC and oversees portfolio management and client services.

Prior to forming Blackthorn, Terence began his career on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) for legendary specialist firm Wagner, Stott LLC and in 2000 he was asked to join publicly traded LaBranche & Company. It was here that Terence reached the level of Managing Director faster than anyone in the 100 year history of that firm.

In 2002 Terence was promoted to the management team – Floor Operations -for the largest specialist firm on the floor of the NYSE. During this time Terence was responsible for the trading of over $1 Billion worth of securities every day. Representing such diverse companies on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange as Chevron, AT&T Wireless, Capital One Financial, Ford Motor Co., Toyota, PPG Industries, Chesapeake Energy and GoldFields LTD.

In 2006 Terence was asked to become the lead Managing Director for the trading of Equity- Gold Companies for LaBranche & Company. Also at this time, he became the Corporate Media Communications Liaison for LaBranche & Company appearing on CNBC and Bloomberg Television and Radio.

In the Spring of 2007, sensing the beginning of a monumental shift in the real estate market and on Wall Street itself, Terence took early retirement from his Wall Street firm. It was with great joy that he took this opportunity to move closer to family and join 2 of his brothers and their families in the Atlanta, Georgia area and founded Blackthorn Asset Management LLC.

Blackthorn’s founding is based on the Core Principles of Objectivity, Integrity, Communication and Trust. We are independent and therefore Objective in our view points. Our clients interests drive everything we do. Our Integrity is paramount to us. On the floor of the NYSE we completed Hundreds of Billions of dollars in contracts without so much as a handshake. Our word is our bond. Communication is the backbone of all of our client relationships. Knowing our clients and their interests is our roadmap to success. Trust is the bedrock of Blackthorn and we continue to earn our clients trust every day by living by our values.

Terence is originally from Mahwah, NJ and now lives full time in Suwanee, GA. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 children. Terence loves to coach his children’s sports teams and furthering their love of tennis and golf.